Calories as currency

What if food cost 1p per calorie and you had a £20 per day to spend on food?

Or perhaps £15 or even only £12 per day

What food choices would you make?

-Here's an example food is 1p per calorie.

You are limited to £20 per day but you really want pizza. -

The pizza cost £17.97 because this pizza has 1797 calories.

This leaves just £2.04 for the rest of the day.

Would you not get hungry with such a small budget to play with?

Perhaps you will over spend and get yourself in to debt. When it comes to calories getting into debt means storing excess energy as fat.

This doesn't change the fact you really want pizza!!🍕

However there is a way... controlling the portion size, and bulk out the meal with low calorie vegetables.

Half the pizza would be £8.98

And a quarter would be £4.49

This would give you the taste and satisfaction of a pizza with out blowing your budget.

Yes I am saying you can have pizza and diet. You just can't have all of it if you want to lose weight. The more calories you burn the more you have to spend.

If you think of calories as a currency, and your daily budget depends on your goals.

Are you keeping an eye on your calories budget?

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