Calories don’t matter...

This is definitely going to be an very unpopular opinion

But calories don’t matter... ( not as much as we think)

Over the course of a year you will consume about 1 million of them. Whether you count them or not.

We are looking for a biological reason for weight gain. After we lose weight, the rubber band pulls us back to our starting point over and over again.


Because we didn’t learn the lesson, it’s not about calories, its not about a six pack, it’s about living a good life. That’s aligned with your values.

It’s all about your values.

Does the food you eat align with your values?

High calorie or low calorie, doesn’t matter.

When you sacrifice an animal are you using its potential for the right things?

Even if you didn’t kill the animal yourself it’s been sacrificed for you.

There is a Brazilian saying

“The fish dies in the mouth”

When you’re eating some highly processed food what message are you sending to your subconscious and the rest of the world?

-you’re literally providing A financial incentive for these megacorporations to continue. They are not the problem we are.

Only humans have this potential for change.

A pig can’t vote.

A pig can’t buy it’s own food.

You can vote with your pound and with your lifestyle.

The right path to permanent change is about saying goodbye to old personalities. The person you used to be.

The problem is not the calories,

Reassuming your old personality is easy... it’s easy, it’s familiar, Its seductive. That’s why we fail.

Fat, body fat is potential energy. If you have lots of it. Then you have vast potential for change.

Don’t concern yourself with your fat, you are not fat!! You have fat. The more you have the more you can achieve.

Focus on your mission not the starting line.

Are you just burning fat for the sake of body fat? That’s a cycle that will never end. Literally spinning your wheels.

Or are you using that energy to create something?

Why are you waking?

Why are you lifting weights?

Why are you running?

Just for the calorie burn?

Or to find out who you really are perhaps something deeper?

Are you going to eat just to flutter that energy away on mundane tasks? Or are you going to use it To accomplish something great?

Calories don’t matter in the same way money doesn’t matter.

This is why lottery winners get poor. They flatter the money away. If they invest the cash smartly, they would grow exponentially.

Always remember ‘There is no growth in comfort.’

So are you investing your calories or are you flattering them away?

Think about Intention before you consume or spend calories.

If Your body is hoarding calories in the form of fat then it’s because you are not aligned with your potential.

In a nut shell - Calories will not matter when your old personality slips on like a familiar coat, and it wants to drink, wants to order a takeaway, wants to indulge.

Count them all you like, I do, but the problem isn’t the calories, it’s your shadow, the old you slipping back to comfort.

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