Effort -based circuit

Effort based circuit. 

This is one of my favourite ways to train when on my own. 

Normally a Circuit is timed to based per interval or reps based.

An example of Times based is 20 sec of work 10 sec rest.

Reps based would be 10 reps on each exercise. 

Effort based is different and combinations are infinite. 

This is how to do them decide how much time you have. 

Let’s say 25 mins 

Now pick how many exercises you are going to do. 

Let’s say 5 different exercises: trx push ups, goblet squats, one handed kettlebell swings, skierg and Russian twist. 

That’s a great a mix there. 

Now we have our workout time and choices of exercises 

This is how you do it. With effort based you don’t do any time or reps for each exercise, it’s 100% based on effort, start with an exercise give it some effort then move on to the next and so on. As you move through you may get tired on one exercise quicker than others. Just keep moving keeping the quality high and your heart rate high. 

Just push your self and move on. 

If you are using Myzone you can try and keep your heart rate in the yellow or above. 

Try it 

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