Class descriptions 

Functional Strength and condition.

These are the main classes we provide. these were formerly known as reshape classes. these are fantastic at improving strength, fitness and acceleration fat loss. these are taught in small groups of 4-6 people with some of the best training equipment in the world. class structure is normally based on a strength move of the day followed by short  high intensity workout. 


Thursday at 6pm is our running based class, this involves a circuit which includes short 400m runs. this class is a fantastic calorie burner.


This is fun fast paced class learning punches and kicks. then hitting the pads, or varis bags and other boxing equipment.

Circuit  Training

Our pure circuits class is wednesday at 7pm this is 10 of the best exercises with 45 sec of work follow by 15 sec rest.

exercises are rotated monthly. great for strength endurance and fat burning.

Met 6

Met 6 is a short hard workout. the same workout is repeated for 4 weeks your job is to beat your time every week.

Monthly memberships 

Pay as you go 

all classes are £7.50 each.

Unlimited membership

only £60 per month

Special onboarding package.


includes 2 classes of your choice per week for one month

plus 4 personal training sessions.